2023-03-03 18:03:32

Spring Mushroom Cultivation "Six Essentials and Six Defenses"

Spring shiitake mushrooms must be carefully managed to achieve "six requirements and six defenses".
1. Water spray management depends on the sky, mold prevention
Spray water when the skin of the mushroom tube is slightly dry on sunny days, and the humidity should not be too high to avoid mold rot. Generally, after picking the mushrooms in the morning, spray water on the surface of the mushroom tube with a sprayer, let it dry for 30 minutes, and then cover the film. Pay attention not to spray on cloudy and rainy days, do not spray before harvesting, and do not spray when the fungus tube is wet.
2. Mushroom bed cover film should be flexible to prevent hypoxia
Combining with picking mushrooms and uncovering the film for ventilation every day, cover the film after harvesting. When the temperature is higher than 20 ℃, open the two ends of the film for ventilation, and open it completely in hot and rainy days. When the fungus tube is soaked in water and returned to the mushroom bed, in case of low temperature or cold current attack, the film should be tightly covered for 3 days to keep warm; when the temperature is higher than 25°C, the film should be removed and ventilated 2 to 3 times a day.
3. The alternation of dry and wet should be moderate to prevent out of control
Remove the film and ventilate for 8 to 10 hours after each tidal mushroom is harvested, spray water again on sunny days, and cover the film tightly during the day to rejuvenate the mycelia; ventilate for 1 hour after 12 o'clock at night to promote mushroom buds for 3 to 4 consecutive days.
4. The hyphae should be cleaned in time to prevent pollution
After picking a batch of mushrooms, use a knife to remove the parts with mold on the mushroom tubes, arrange them on the mushroom bed, let them ventilate, and cover with film after drying slightly.
5. Proper amount of rehydration fluid should be used to prevent over-humidity
After growing mushrooms in autumn and winter, the nutrients and water in the mushroom tubes will be consumed a lot, so soaking the mushroom tubes in water and supplementing fertilizer is a key link in spring management. But not too wet, so as not to cause mildew and rotten mushrooms.
6. The processing of mushroom picking should be timely, and the umbrella should not be opened
Shiitake mushrooms are harvested too late and easy to open umbrellas. Generally, they are harvested when the bacterial membrane has been broken and the cap has not yet fully unfolded, forming a "gong edge".


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