2023-09-14 15:26:42

Understory cultivation of morels - key points for fruiting management and harvesting

1. Mushroom management
Mushroom management begins when the understory temperature stabilizes above 15°C and the ground temperature stabilizes above 5°C. Understory cultivation generally starts from the end of March to the beginning of May. When the temperature for mushroom production is suitable, first hang the shade net high, more than 2.5 m above the ground. Then set up a small shed and cover it with geotextile or felt. Seize the opportunity to pour a full border of water once. After 4 to 5 days, remove the mulch film and lay a micro-spray bag every 2m wide to moisturize and replenish water. Control the compacted geotextile or felt according to the field humidity to reduce ventilation and drying, keep the surface moist, and maintain the relative air humidity at 70%. There is another micro-spray outside the small arch for cooling. If the temperature is too low, the young mushrooms will freeze to death, while if the temperature is too high, pests and diseases or deformed mushrooms may easily occur. Temperature, humidity and ventilation need to be considered comprehensively and used flexibly according to the actual climate and field conditions.
2. Harvest
The morel fruiting bodies are mature 8 to 12 days after they are unearthed, and the caps are fully opened and can be picked from hard to soft. Harvesting should be done sooner rather than later. The best morels have white and shiny stalks, black caps and sharp edges. If picked late, the mushroom legs will easily turn from white to dark yellow with blisters. The top of the mushroom cap will open and leak, reducing the weight or even rotting, resulting in no yield, and the quality will decrease rapidly. The climate for mushroom production in the low-temperature period in the north is dry and it is easy to control moisture. The mushroom slices are thick and nutritious, with good quality, high single grain weight and strong fragrance.