2023-02-25 16:08:04

Why is the monkey mushroom yellow and cracked?

1. Why does the monkey mushroom spit out yellow water droplets?
During the growth and development of the Monkey Head mushroom, why does the yellow water droplets emerge? This phenomenon is caused by the hydrolysis and autolysis of the mycelium of Monkey Head Mushroom due to the uncomfortable growth environment, and the protoplasm overflows, which can be interpreted as the Monkey Head Mushroom being "injured" and "weeping".
2. Why does the mushroom turn red?
Monkey head mushroom needs only weak light, about 200-400 lux, and about 50-500 lux for reference to the light outside on a cloudy day. When the light is too strong, the surface of the mushroom will turn red. But don't worry, the monkey head mushroom will still change from red to white when the light intensity drops down.
3. Why does the monkey head mushroom turn yellow and crack?
Monkey head mushroom needs 85%-95% air humidity to grow, when the humidity is too low, the surface of the mushroom will lose water severely, causing yellowing, cracking and even withering.
4. How is the "brain-like" mushroom formed?
The "brain-shaped" mushroom is also called "cauliflower-shaped" mushroom, which is a kind of deformed mushroom. The carbon dioxide concentration in normal air is about 0.03%, but when the ventilation is not good, the carbon dioxide (concentration) rises to 0.1%, not only will people feel dull, palpitations, and lack of concentration, but the growth of monkey head mushrooms will also be restricted, thus forming the brain-like deformed mushrooms.