2023-03-07 17:09:11

What should I do if I encounter mites when planting mushrooms in spring?

The temperature is gradually rising and various pests are gradually increasing in the mushroom greenhouse. To get high yield, it is extremely important to prevent and control mite pests. Once the mites occur, it will accelerate the mushroom rot and deteriorate the ecological environment of edible mushroom, which will directly affect the mushroom farmers' income. What should be done about mites on mushroom sticks?
1. Preventive measures
Mites on mushroom sticks are usually caused by inadequate environmental treatment in the early stage.
① Clean up the hygiene around the mushroom room, keep away from debris and waste, avoid the pollution of miscellaneous bacteria and reduce the breeding place of harmful mites.
② Spraying mite killing chemicals inside and outside the culture room and mushroom room frequently to prevent mites from invading the strains, cultivation bags and mushroom rooms.
③ Before placing the sticks, the mushroom room should be cleaned in all aspects to prevent the occurrence of mites, especially the old mushroom room, and the cultivation bags must be fully disinfected 1 to 2 times before entering the shed.
2. Integrated control
①The seed source with mites is the main cause of mite outbreak in mushroom room, strengthen strain inspection, choose healthy mite free strains and avoid strains with mite damage for production.
② Use fresh and dry raw materials as culture material and autoclave or fermentation treatment.
③ spraying with special agent to kill mites after mites occur, sealed environment, better smoke to kill mites, mites exist in every corner of the space, smoke to kill mites more thoroughly.
The mites are usually very small and are already very dense when they can be seen by the naked eye, at this time they may have harmed the mushroom package and the mycelium will be directly eaten by the mites, at this time the mites should be killed comprehensively. The mites should be killed thoroughly and continuously for more than 3 times in the bales and in the mushroom sheds in order to eliminate the mites completely.