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The occurrence pattern of yellow spot disease of oyster mushroom and the main points of prevention a

March-May is the peak period for the occurrence of mushroom yellow spot disease. Oyster mushroom yellow spot disease, also known as yellow-brown spot disease, brown spot disease or yellow mushroom disease, is a bacterial disease commonly occurring in oyster mushroom production, which can occur from the original base, young mushroom stage to maturity stage. Due to the special production environment, once it occurs, it spreads very rapidly. Yellow spot disease affects the appearance of commercial mushrooms, which in turn leads to loss of edible value. The loss can be more than 50% when the disease is serious. Mushroom farmers should strengthen the identification and diagnosis of yellow spot disease and take preventive and control measures to prevent the occurrence and rapid spread of yellow spot disease.
Symptom identification
Yellow spot disease of mushroom is caused by Pseudomonas aeruginosa, which appears as yellowish spots on the surface of mushroom body at the beginning of the disease.
Occurrence pattern
The mushroom yellow spot disease prefers high temperature and high humidity, and is favored after rainy, hazy or dusty weather and poor ventilation after watering. The incidence of the disease is usually higher and heavier in dark-colored varieties than in light-colored varieties; the incidence is heavier in mushroom sheds with long planting years. In addition, mushroom flies can spread the disease and aggravate the damage trend.
Prevention and control points
Spray water reasonably and strengthen ventilation. Make sure the water source used for water spraying is clean, try to use regular micro-spraying, ventilate in time after watering, and prevent the mushroom cover from accumulating water and the shed from getting wet while keeping the humidity of the mushroom shed suitable, so as to prevent the occurrence of yellow spot disease.
Do a good job in monitoring the mushroom shed condition. Keep the environment clean, strengthen monitoring, detect and remove diseased mushrooms early to prevent the spread of disease.
Strengthen mushroom mosquito and fly prevention and control. Adopt physical prevention and control techniques such as insect net, yellow board and insect trapping lamp to block and trap mushroom flies to reduce the occurrence of pests and disease transmission and avoid further spread of disease.
Scientific pharmaceutical prevention and control. At the early stage of the disease, use 6% of vincristine aqueous solution 1000-1500 times to spray during the interval of mushroom emergence, with a safety interval of 7 days, and prohibit harvesting during the safety interval.

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