2023-04-10 16:26:44

Ensure a good harvest of morel mushrooms with careful mushroom management

Morel mushroom is very sensitive to temperature, under normal temperature, generally about a month to produce mushrooms, the best growth temperature of the seed entity about 12 ~ 18 ℃ degrees. The temperature is too high or too low, both will affect the growth and development of the fruiting entity. The temperature difference between day and night should not be too big, generally a difference of 10℃ is best. During the mushroom emergence period, ventilation should be provided in the morning and evening, and the trellis film and shade net should be lifted.
During the mushroom emergence and young mushroom growth period, the humidity is not easy to be too high, and the humidity in the mushroom room is generally kept at 60~85%, which is slightly drier than the mycelium growth period.
During the period of mushroom emergence and young mushroom management, pay attention to diligent ventilation. In good weather and high temperature, the ventilation time should be about 6 hours, and the ventilation time should be about 2 hours in low temperature or rainy days.
Generally no need to chase fertilizer during mushroom emergence, such as to promote the speed of mushroom emergence and improve the yield and quality of morel mushroom, you can properly sprinkle a layer of straw wood ash on the mushroom bed and then spray water by atomization, or use appropriate amount of potassium fertilizer for spraying, the effect is also good.