2023-09-07 14:54:00

Mobile Smart Mushroom House

Compared with greenhouse cultivation, the mobile smart mushroom house adopts intelligent mushroom cultivation. The high-quality bacteria packs are placed on the grid frame in the mushroom house, and the refrigeration unit is used for "cooling stimulation", and the budding and mushrooming management is carried out. Use an intelligent control system to control parameters such as light, temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide content required for different growth stages of the mushroom. After seven days, it will be harvested and cleared. One mushroom room is harvested every day, and each mushroom room can produce mushrooms in a cycle. Through the mobile app, farmers can monitor the growth process of xiuzhen mushrooms in real time, and the fruiting time can be controlled, so they no longer have to get up at night to watch mushrooms picking.
The mobile smart mushroom house anchors the combination of traditional agriculture and modern agriculture. It not only solves the restriction problem of facility land on the edible fungus industry, realizes the high utilization of space of "non-solidified, flexible and movable", and promotes the upgrading of the edible fungus production model. It also solved the problem of "three leisure" in the countryside (leisure time, idle land, and idle labor).


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