2023-11-10 11:14:16

Timing is Key: Hydrating Edible Mushrooms

In the cultivation of edible fungi, water plays a role in providing nutrients for mycelium and mushroom bodies, and is an important factor in determining yield and rapid tide change. The suitable moisture content in the culture materials of most varieties is 60% to 65%. During the fruiting process, the moisture in the culture materials and space gradually decreases, and water needs to be replenished in time. Here is a summary for everyone. When replenishing the culture medium of the bacteria bag, you should pay attention to the following points:
1、Hydration amount. When the first tide of mushrooms is harvested, the substrate is rich in nutrients and the moisture content in the substrate is still high, the amount of water supplement should be less. When the mushrooms grow past the second tide, the nutrients in the substrate are reduced and the moisture in the substrate is also reduced. The amount of water can be increased, and the mushroom bag can be soaked in water for a longer time.
2、Use clean river water or groundwater when replenishing water. It is not advisable to use surface pond water and ditch water to prevent miscellaneous bacteria and pests from being carried into the matrix and causing pests and diseases.
3、The water temperature should be consistent with the temperature of the mushroom shed as much as possible. Do not use cold water.
4、Do not spray water on the primordia and mushroom buds. It is best to use a sprayer to replenish water, with the nozzle facing upwards to spray humidification into the space.
5、After replenishing water, if there are water droplets on the mushroom body, ventilate it to remove it. Otherwise, it will give opportunities for pathogens to multiply and form lesions on the mushroom body.
6、Replenishing water in fungus bags is an important measure to increase production and is mainly used for edible fungi with a long cultivation cycle.
(1)  After the mushrooms have completed color change and before fruiting, water should be replenished until the moisture content of the culture material is about 65%.
(2)  Most edible fungi need to be rehydrated during the tide change period after one or two tides of mushrooms have emerged. The fungi should be grown first and then rehydrated. The amount of water replenished should be controlled at 80% to 90% of the weight of the original fungus bag.
(3)  It is not advisable to replenish water when mycelium is sparse, weak in growth, the temperature is lower than 5°C, or there are diseases and insect pests in the material.
(4)  When replenishing water after three tide mushrooms, nutrients can be supplemented at the same time, such as urea, sugar, potassium dihydrogen phosphate, etc. are commonly used.