2023-11-15 15:00:55

Categories and Characteristics of Humidification Equipment in Edible Mushroom Cultivation

Choosing the right humidification equipment is a very important step in the edible mushroom house. Different types of edible fungi have different requirements for humidity. The following are the growth humidity requirements for some common edible fungi:
1.Pleurotus ostreatus: The relative humidity in the mycelium stage is required to be 60% to 65%RH, and the relative humidity in the air in the fruiting body stage is required to be 80% to 95%RH.
2. Pleurotus eryngii: During the cultivation period, the temperature should be controlled at around 24°C, and the relative air humidity should be controlled at 60% to 65%RH.
3. Flammulina velutipes: The relative air humidity in the cultivation room is maintained at about 60%RH, and the humidity in the mushroom room is controlled at 80% to 90%RH.
4. Pleurotus pleurotus: The relative humidity of the mycelium culture material is required to be 60% to 65%RH. The environmental humidity during the germination period is 65%RH. The humidity requirements during the fruiting and growth periods are higher.
The main types of humidification equipment for edible mushroom rooms include spray humidifiers and wet curtain humidifiers.
Mist humidifiers: Mist humidifiers increase indoor humidity by atomizing water and dispersing fine water droplets in the air. The advantage of a spray humidifier is that it has a good humidification effect and can quickly increase indoor humidity. The disadvantage is that water needs to be added frequently, maintenance is more troublesome, and it may cause moisture on the wall or furniture surface.
Wet curtain humidifier: The wet curtain humidifier increases indoor humidity by passing water through the wet curtain to exchange moisture with air. The advantages of the wet curtain humidifier are that it is simple to operate, saves water, and can better control indoor humidity. The disadvantage is that the humidification effect is relatively slow and it takes a long time to increase the indoor humidity.
Choose the appropriate humidification equipment according to the specific situation. The spray humidifier is suitable for places where the humidity needs to be quickly increased, such as the initial construction stage of the mushroom house; the wet curtain humidifier is suitable for places where the humidity needs to be maintained stably, such as the normal operation stage of the mushroom house.


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