2023-05-04 14:06:36

Management points for the golden fifteen days of morel mushroom

Planting morel mushrooms, after watering the golden fifteen days is particularly important, the golden fifteen days to grasp, in order to lay a solid foundation for the subsequent production work.
Golden fifteen days of management is basically, the temperature can not be lower than six degrees, not more than 16 degrees, the specific to rely on quilts to adjust. To emphasize that morels are particularly delicate at that stage, can not be ventilated, nor watered, and the light must also keep up. Morel mushrooms do not like direct light, but the need for diffused light, which requires the use of shade nets, light to look at the newspaper word can see clearly as the standard. Jia Qianyi stressed that we must use the attitude of care to manage morels.
For several consecutive years, China's northern morel mushroom production is significantly higher than the south, mainly for three reasons. First, the northern facilities are better. Because of the lack of warm huts in the south; Second, the northern winter low-temperature period is longer, conducive to the accumulation of nutrients; Third, the nutrition package is large, and put more, adequate nutrition helps high yield. Of course, the most important thing is the strain, technology and management.