2023-05-09 11:26:16

The artificial cultivation technology of Chironomus niger is shared

1、Construction of mushroom shed
It is advisable to choose a place with convenient transportation, near water source, clean environment and fertile soil. The mushroom shed is 100 meters long, 8 meters wide, and the wall height is about 3 meters. The size of the mushroom shed can be adjusted according to the situation when building the mushroom shed.
It is better to build the roof with steel bars, which are strong and durable. There is a layer of polyethylene anti-fog drip film on the top to prevent water from dripping onto the black fungus, and a layer of black insulation quilt on top of the polyethylene anti-fog drip film to control the temperature inside the shed. In addition, a door should be installed on one side of the shed to facilitate the normal access of management personnel, and an exhaust fan should be installed on the other side to ensure air circulation.
2、Culture medium preparation
First of all, the sealing formula can be prepared by using 75% wood chips, 1.5% gypsum, 20% bran, 140% water, 3% termite nesting soil and so on. The ingredients will be weighed and turned into an average mixture, stacked after 2 hours to check the absence of water, the water content of about 65%, that is, grab the culture grip between the formation of water droplets do not fall degree. Then use polypropylene bags filled with 17 × 45 cm, sterilized and inoculated according to the routine.
3、Fungal culture
Put the inoculation bag into the pre-sterilized culture chamber. Adjust the bag temperature between 20℃ and 25℃. Normal 40-60 days mycelium culture.
4、Cultivation management
(1) Need to maintain the temperature in the shed between 25-30℃, the temperature difference between day and night is controlled at about 10℃. The ground temperature is controlled between 25-27℃, and the air humidity is kept at about 90%.
(2) Give the black fungus a certain amount of diffuse light, and control the light intensity at about 300 lux.
(3) If the temperature is too high, turn on the exhaust fan for cooling, and if the temperature is too low, lower the insulation quilt to increase the temperature inside the shed. When the bed becomes dry, you can water in the aisle between the bed and the mushroom bed to increase the humidity of the mushroom bed.
5、Fungus emergence management
The mushroom of Chironomus niger comes out in the summer and autumn from June to October. Its temperature control at 24 ℃-28 ℃ is appropriate. When the temperature is high, thicken the shade on the top of the shed, shallow water storage in the border ditch, and spray water in the shed space in the morning and evening to keep the air moist. In addition, the temperature and humidity difference between day and night can be enlarged to promote the quality of the fungus.

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