2023-05-24 08:33:45

What should I do to rejuvenate the shiitake mushroom sticks when they are transported to the base?

There are several states of shiitake mushroom sticks after transportation to home:
1. Just full-grown state
2. after maturity
3. when the mushroom is full of tumors
Some sticks are full of mycelium when they are first picked up, some people will use these sticks directly, but this is not allowed! Some mushroom farmers have their own cold storage, when they just pick up the sticks, because the transportation distance may be far, it is not very convenient to pick up the sticks, so they will pick up a lot of sticks and put them into the cold storage at one time.

For example, if you pick up the sticks in October or November, the outdoor temperature will be around 7~10 degrees, after transporting back to the base, you have to give it a gradual warming process. For example: first warm up the sticks to 10~12 degrees, then slow down 3-4 days (let the sticks adapt to the warming time); then raise the sticks to 17~18 degrees, then slow down 7-10 days (let the sticks adapt to the warming time); when the epidermis of the strain is already elastic and the mycelium is white after breaking, you can inoculate directly at this time.
Some mushroom farmers also do "re-strengthening" after getting back the sticks, but when the temperature is suddenly "re-strengthened" to over 20 degrees, and suddenly give it a temperature difference stimulation, the original base will come out, which is what mushroom farmers often say "the strain has buds on the bag. "This is what mushroom farmers often say. Don't be afraid of this situation, if your sticks are still not elastic and the mycelium is still very white, you only need to cut off the "long bag" with a knife when you use it, and don't bring the original base into the eye of the strain. In the process of using must have someone to pick the sticks, observe whether the sticks have pollution, crack and other conditions. If there is such a situation, do not be afraid, good disinfection will not be a problem.
If the sticks are just taken back and used directly, the mycelium may not be twisted and not reach the state of use, and the inoculation will be very slow. The reason is that the sticks and mycelium are in a dormant state, the dormant state needs a certain temperature, a certain stimulation to activate it, it takes a certain amount of time, then you re-strengthen the strain later, in fact, is to make up for this time, so after taking back the sticks must be "re-strengthened" before use.