2023-05-29 08:47:28

Black fungus pest control technology

1. Green mold of black fungus
Bags, seed bottles, segments of wood around the inoculum hole and the seed entity by green mold infection, the initial stage in the culture material segments of wood or seed entity on the long white slender mycelium, a few days later, it will form conidia, once the conidia are formed in large numbers or mature, the colony becomes green, powdery. 
Prevention and treatment techniques:
① Keep the ear field, ear room and its surrounding environment clean and hygienic;
②The ear room and ear field must be well ventilated and have convenient drainage;
③ every three days after the ear spray 1% lime water, has a good anti-mold effect;
④If green mold occurs on the surface of the culture material and has not yet penetrated into the material, scrub the affected area with PH10 lime water, which can control the growth of green mold. 
2. rotten ear (also known as runny ear)
After the ear piece matures, the ear piece becomes soft, and the ear piece or even the root of the ear dissolves and rots itself. 
Prevention and treatment techniques:
①Strengthen cultivation management for the cause of rotten ear, pay attention to ventilation, light, etc;
② Harvest in time, harvest the ear pieces immediately when they are close to maturity or already mature;
③ Use 25mg/kg of gentamycin or oxytetracycline solution to spray to prevent and control runny ears.
3. Anti-mold of fungus block of wood ear
Mould contamination of wood ear fungus block is an important reason that leads to the reduction of wood ear fungus block yield and affects the product quality. Penicillium and Mucor are the most common miscellaneous bacteria on wood ear fungus block. 
Anti-mold measures:
① Select strains with strong mold resistance;
② use fresh raw materials over the summer;
③ add anti-mildew agent in the culture material, the current more effective method is to use 0.1% potassium permanganate aqueous solution, or lime clear water mixing material, the latter can also prevent the culture material acidic;;
④ with the already full bottle of strains of briquettes, digging bottles. Blocking utensils and film should be disinfected with 0.1% potassium permanganate solution. Within 1 week time after pressed block, mycelium has not fully recovered, if mold appears, use saturated lime water clear solution to apply on the affected area;
⑤ protect the environment clean during mushroom emergence, after harvesting the 1st batch of fungus, spray 1% lime water, or 1% to 2% coal phenol soap solution, or 0.1% polymyxin every 3 to 5 days on the ground, which can be cross-used to control the growth of miscellaneous bacteria;;
(6) Indoor fungus development and outdoor ear emergence is considered an effective anti-mold measure for fungus block cultivation;
⑦ Strengthen moisture management, which is mainly based on the water dissipation and air flow of the fungus block.
4. Thrips 
‍ Starting from the larvae, it harms the fungus, invades the ear piece and sucks the sap, causing the ear piece to shrivel and in severe cases causing runny ears.
Preventive measures:
Spray with 500-1000 times of 40% Legol emulsion, 1000-1500 times of 50% wettable trichlorfon solution, and 1500 times of malathion.
5. Pseudo-walking insect 
The adults eat the outer layer of the ear piece, and the larvae harm the ear root of the ear piece or burrow into the inoculation hole until they eat the ear buds, and the damaged ear root no longer bears ears. After the dried ears are returned to storage, they can still be damaged. 
Preventive measures:
Removing dead branches and leaves from cultivation sites and spraying 200 times of dichlorvos solution can kill the latent pests. When a large number of insect pests occur, first remove the ear piece, and then use 1000 to 1500 times of dichlorvos solution to spray.
Also available 500 to 800 times of fish vine essence, 500 to 800 times of pyrethrum emulsion, 1500 times of malathion prevention and removal, but also 1000 to 2000 times of 50% wettable trichlorfon solution dip segments of wood. During the period of mango and summer, after each ear picking, the above mentioned drugs can be sprayed once.